I am born in Klagenfurt am W÷rthersee in Austria (1) (2) (3) in 1968, and I lived in the town Feldkirchen (1) (2)
in Carinthia (1) (2) until 1978 where parts of my family and I moved to Copenhagen in Denmark (1) (2).

In 1998 I finished my first education as a Shipsmechanic at A.P. Moeller - Maersk Line.

I spent my sparetime photographing and producing watercolors and sketchings.
As the computer was introduced onboard my interest for multimedia grew and
this led to my conclusion to become a Multimediadesigner my self.

I took my new education at Aarhus Business College.

Today I work as freelance photographer and as a consulent in multimediadesign
for both personal demands and for various companies and smaller firms.
On the private level I also produce illustrations, drawings, paintings, etchings and
multimediadesigns for a variety of purposes. My other speciality is contemporary
danish art and my exhibitions span over a wide range of artistic expressions.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your visit.