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"the firecloset" - Domestic fire
Homepage / Interactive game
The project:
-A small homepage / interactive game in pure FLASH 8 in AS2-coding. The game´s mission is to give the player the minimum knowledge on how to extinguish fire in the garage, the kitchen and the livingroom. In the scenes the player has to choose the right method and equipment. A multi-choice function gives the player one of several possibilities to choose among (only in danish).

Developing team:
Animation and design: Mike Krumbak - (Preloader, Flames, Firecabinet and Cabinetlock)
Animation and design: Stefan Olsson Wandel - (all Scenes, mainfire and stageprops)
Foleyartist / Soundmanager: Michael A. Kaiser
Codes / scripts: Raja Nayaranasamy, Stefan Olsson Wandel, Mike Krumbak
Documentation: Michael A. Kaiser, Raja Nayaranasamy, Stefan Olsson Wandel, Mike Krumbak
Team: MDU e06 Aarhus Business College (2007)