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Title:   I/O´s story

I/O - a new mascot for the in Aarhus
The project:
A small interactive game made in FLASH about how I/O the mascot found his new home in the basement of CYBERHUS in Aarhus, Denmark. This project is made for children at the age between 9 and 13 and it the subject is grouppressure and how to choose side ind life. Cyberhus is an online clubhouse/website for children and the primary target is children at age between 9 and 18. This product is a jointventure between and Aarhus Business College MDU (only in danish).

Developing team:
Codes for the interactive game/gamedesign: Ulrik Holm (Blast-game)
Animation and design: Stefan Olsson Wandel - (Intro, IO, the professor , all the scenes [minus: endscene])
Animation and design: Gitte Simonsen (endscene - Cyberhus´s basement)
Foleyartist / sound / speach: Henny Møller, Stefan O. Wandel
Codes/scripts: Michael Rafn Hornbæk, Ulrik Holm, Stefan Olsson Wandel
Documentation: Henny Møller, Michael Rafn Hornbæk, Ulrik Holm, Gitte Simonsen, Stefan O. Wandel
Team: and MDU e06 Aarhus Business College (2006)