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Title:   Leda Maersk - lifeboat maintenance

Leda Maersk - lifeboat maintenance
The project:
Containervessel M/V Leda Maersk has two open lifeboats with space for 41 persons in each one.
These have to be maintained from time to time and as the weather is splendid as we had left Jeddah Islamic Port and now travel upwards the Gulf for later anchorage for the night outside Port of Suez before entering the canal, shipsassistat (AB) Hans and I are to perform that task.
As it went on blood, sweat and even tears showed to be an uneapected companion as well.

Copyright: Stefan Olsson Wandel
Footage taken by: Shipsmechanic Stefan Olsson Wandel
Ships heading at footage-capture: Singapore
Route: Felixstowe (GB) in Europe via Suez Hong Kong in Asia and back
Ships service speed: approx. 24/26 knots

Developing team:
Stefan Olsson Wandel